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123 Attachments Organizer for Act!

Free your Act! from the Attachments Bulge!

Replace Your Act! Attachments with Hyperlinks:

  • Copy all your attachments to a network folder.
  • Have your Act! attachments sorted by date on the destination folder.
  • Replace the attachments in Act! with Hyperlinks pointing to the date-organizer network folder.
  • Free your Act! of the attachments overhead.
  • Enable Act! to properly backup.
  • This product does NOT create shortcuts to the files. Shortcuts still populate the Attachments folder and will cause complete folder failure due to the multitude of entries on the folder.

Video Tutorial

Youtube Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/dAMb1kxAtRA

Download Link

Click here to download 123 Attachments Organizer for Act!

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What our customers say:

  • This is an amazing product!
  • I can now do full backup of Act! without any issues.
  • Act! performance is better, Act! is more reliable, and I can make a full backup of Act! without having to worry about space. This is a win-win product!