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123 Sync Evaluation

You can evaluation 123 Sync for 15 days. Just download it from our download page.

123 Sync 5-User Installation for Evaluation

Benefits of 123 Sync doing the installation:

  •  Who better to do the installation than the software creators themselves

  • Benefit from talking with the technical wizards and help in the configuration of the product to match your needs

  • Be assured that the software will be fully configured at your site quickly and efficiently.

  • You can use our server installation service whether you are running a purchased license or an evaluation license.

Server Setup Service

Don't have time to setup 123 Sync? We'll do it for you! Why spend time struggling with documentations, video tutorials and help when you can be up and running quickly. Here is how it works:

  • Purchase the setup service.
  • We'll contact you and use gotomeeting.com to access your machine and do the 123 Sync setup and configuration for your environment.
  • Before we setup 123 Sync you must:
    • Install Act! on whatever machine you want to use as the 123 Sync
    • Install the transport that you want to use between Act! and the Exchange:
      • Outlook 2007 or later: If you are going to access a hosted Exchange.
      • For hosted exchange it is required that you have Windows 7 or a version of Windows Server with a credential manager.
      • Mapi/CDO if you are using the Exchange server as the system for 123 Sync to reside.
  • Once the initial configuration is done, we will access your system and setup 123 Sync for up to 5 users on your machine, including setting 123 Sync 2012 to run in the background.
  • Server Setup Service is non-refundable.
Server Evaluation Setup Service
Setup Service
This is a service and it is non-refundable.
This service is to install, configure up to 5 users 123 Sync. It includes setup of the background processing. $695.00