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123 Sync Solution to Sync with Outlook

123 Sync for Outlook

Use 123 Sync to:

  • Sync Act! with Outlook.
  • Sync Act! Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
  • Integrate Emails from Outlook into Act!
  • Use Outlook to sync with Exchange, Office 365, iCloud, Google, or any other cloud service that supports Outlook/Exchange.
  • Sync Act! with local, offsite or hosted Exchange.
  • Sync phones, smartphones, tablets, and any device that supports Outlook or Exchange synching.

Benefits of 123 Sync:

  • Single server installation benefits:
    • Single point of failure
    • Low overhead
    • Low support costs
    • Single install
  • Heterogeneous Mobile Device support.
    • You can have iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids, etc., all working on an single environment.
  • Native sync to all your devices. Whether your device syncs wireless or wired with your Exchange server, 123 Sync puts them all at your Act! fingertips.

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