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123 Sync 2012 Edition Product Update List

How to check whether you have the latest version

Each update has a version number. To check whether you have the latest update, click on Help->About 123 Synchronizer on 123 Synchronizer 2012 and there is a version number listed. If the version number is the same, then it is ok. If not and you are affected by any of the issues fixed on the update, download the executable from our web site, uninstall your current version of 123 Sync 2011 and install the new version.

On the later updates of all your licensing and settings should be the same.

Checking your version number

The version number of the software that you are running is listed on the Help->About screen of 123 Sync.

Downloading Updates

Currently, in order to install an update, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the evaluation from our site. Click here to download.
  2. Uninstall your current version
  3. Install the downloaded evaluation version. Your license will be maintained and none of your settings are modified if the update is minor. If the update is medium, your setting may be erased and you will need to re-open your database and redo your settings. If the update is Major, you will need to purchase an upgrade. A major upgrade is when you go from V11 to V12, for example.


June 1st,  2012: Update 14.8

  • Enhancements

    • Licensing mechanism has been replaced with a the latest .net mechanism and with a new encryption algorithm that is universal and works in all installations of Windows. Installing V14.8 will reset the license and the software will have to be re-licensed.


April 27, 2012: Update

  • Bug Fixes

    • On older Act! Databases, invalid Modification dates in the database were causing the Calendar items not to be synched. Although this is Act! Corruption, 123 Sync can now process these corrupted items.

    • When creating Calendar items from Outlook, the details line was duplicated in Outlook. Fixed.

  • To Download

    • All these fixes are on the current distribution that is available from our web site. If you already have V14.7 of 123 Sync then just apply the patches below.

    • To download the patches only, click on this link:

    • Unpack the executables in the .zip file and deposit them into Program Files/123-sync-2012 folder.

    • Run 123 Sync and it should work fine now....

April 25, 2012: Update

  • Enhancements

    • Added private calendar only sync option

    • Enhanced sync of timeless calendar items.

    • Multi-User Calendar Sync improvements:

      • Multi-User scheduling: improved the sync so that if a user removes himself from the meeting, only that user is removed from the meeting and not the whole meeting.

      • Improved how users/contacts are added/removed from meetings

      • Enhanced multi-user scheduling sync of body text

      • Added the options to stop contact body text generation for multi-user/contact scheduling.

    • Multi-user performance enhancements. Optimized sync on multi-user scheduling so that the Exchange Server does not run out of socket connections.

    • Improved on the reverse sync option from calendar.

    • Optimized email integration.

  • To Download

    • You will need to do a full download of 123 Sync to take advantage of this new feature. Download it from our download page at 123sync.com. The patch is already included in this version.


March 16, 2012: Update

  • Enhancements

    • New Filter: Private Calendar Only. Added a new contact filter where users can synchronize only the Private items of a calendar into Outlook.

  • To Download

    • You will need to do a full download of 123 Sync to take advantage of this new feature. Download it from our download page at 123sync.com. The patch is already included in this version.


February 17th, 2012: Hotfix of Sync Service

  • Enhancements

    •  Activity Tagging when items are deleted/cleared. Recurring event support was not working well with the Activity Tagging. It now does. You can tag individual activities with the clear tag when they are deleted/cleared. However, recurring activities erasure/clearing will be deleted in Outlook.

    • Improved deletion selection.  We've been seeing some really bizarre data on the Outlook side due to other addons. Hence, we strengthened the identification of Act! items when they are deleted in Outlook.


    • All these fixes are on the current distribution that is available from our web site. If you already have V14.2 of 123 sync then just apply the patches below.

    • To download, click on this link: http://www.123sync.com/dist/U14.2.23.zip

    • Unpack the executables in the .zip file and deposit them into Program Files/123-sync-2012 folder.

    • Run 123 Sync and it should work fine now....


February 9th, 2012: Update

  • Enhancements

    • Generated Body Text Remover on the Folder Clean Utility. This allows users to remove all the body text that is generated by 123 Sync from the Contacts, Activities and Tasks.

  • Bug Fix

    • Recurring Calendar Events Synchronization. A series of bugs were discovered last week re. recurring events sync. Some bugs were related to non-US dates while others were bugs that were there since this product was born.

      • Incorrect Scheduling of daily recurring events with an end date. This occurred when daily events had a time associated with them. The last day of the event was being dropped in some instances. Fixed.

      • Clearing of Daily recurring instances from Outlook to Act! in non-US markets. This was not working on countries with non-US date format. Fixed.

      • Daily Calendar recurring events on V4.2.0.14 were being scheduled as only single events. This only occurs on V4.2.0.14 Sync Service. Fixed.

    • All in all, we spent last week testing and implementing a mechanism where recurring events worked as well as possible in Act! as well as in Outlook with all the scheduling/clearing/erasing of events.

  • To Download


March 6th, 2012: Hotfix

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed various issues regarding multi-user/multi-schedule of Calendaring events. This was a major redesign to the way we sync single events as well as recurring events. If you are running a multi-user installation with 2-way sync, you must install this patch.


    •  To download, click on this link: http://www.123sync.com/dist/U14.2.40.zip

    • Unpack the executables in the .zip file and deposit them into Program Files/123-sync-2012 folder.

    • Run 123 Sync and it should work fine now....


February 1st, 2012: Hotfix of Sync Service

  • Bug Fixes

    •  A timeout Mapi error prevented 123 Sync from logging into an Exchange server when processing users. This was happening primarily with non-local Exchange server installations. Fixed. We added a delayed retry to login and it works on the tests that we've run.

    • When creating Act! appointments from Outlook and the Activities Body Text generation was disabled, the details of the Outlook appointments were erased. Fixed. When Activity Body Text generation is disabled, the text goes to the details section in Act!.

  • To Download

    •  To download, click on this link: http://www.123sync.com/dist/U14.2.8.zip

    • Unpack the executables in the .zip file and deposit them into Program Files/123-sync-2012 folder.

    • Run 123 Sync and it should work fine now....

January 30th, 2012: Update V14.2.0.5

  • Enhancements

    • Evaluation License Enhancements. Prospective users no longer need an evaluation license to run 123 Sync 2012. Once installed, it will run for 15 days without any restrictions.

    • Updated Sync for Smartphones

    • Enhanced background speed.  

    • Group Sync Screen. Enhanced group sync to be faster and more precise.

    • Email Integration. Added email integration tagging when emails are integrated into Act! for easy identification.

    • Body Text generation for Multi-User Scheduling. Added the option to disable generation of contact details into the details of an activity when scheduling for multiple users.

  • Bugs

    •  Single user execution sometimes removed Outlook contacts when running a Group sync.

    • Empty appointments were being created. This was caused by a faulty library in our distribution. Fixed.

    • Recurring Appointment were not being created in Exchange. Worked well with Outlook but when connected directly with Exchange, it did not work. Fixed.

November 4th, 2011: Update V14.1.0.15

  • Enhancements

    • Added Folder Reset Detection to 123 Sync. If the Outlook/Exchange folder get reset, 123 Sync will not delete the contacts/calendar in Act!. It detects the reset of the folder and forces an update from Act! to Outlook. This is very important on multi-user, smartphone installations. When a user goes to the store and the phone gets reset, the reset will not make its way back to Act!. The reset is detected and data is then pushed out to Outlook/Exchange.

    • Improved the date filtering of updated Act! items. Act!, in some cases, was not retrieving updated contacts for 123 Sync to sync. This is now fixed.

    • Group Sync Screen. Made it such that the Group Sync is now clearer..


October 20th, 2011: Update V14.1.0.6

  • Enhancements

    • Upgrade Tool for older versions of 123 Sync!. We now provide a tool that will upgrade your 123 Sync from older version without having to reset the indexes and/or users. This speeds up upgrades to a matter of minutes instead of hours.

    • Raw Exchange Folder View. In the past you needed to have Outlook installed in order to see the items on the Outlook folder. This is difficult if you are running on an Exchange server. Well, we now provide a rudimentary view list of Contacts and Calendar in Outlook plus a view of the Activities in Act!.

  • Bug Fixes

    • When changing Contact Filters from ALL to a group, the indexes were not being reset causing Act! items to be flagged for deletion.   Fixed. When contact filters are changed, and the indexes are reset.


October 11th, 2011: Update V14.1.0.2

  • Installation Instructions

    • Install the software from our web site but after installation, enable Force Overwrite on the next sync so that all the items in Outlook are updated with our new indexing mechanism.

    • This is a minor version upgrade so you have to reselect your the folders for all the users.

  • Enhancements

    • Email Integration!. 123 Sync 2012 can now integrate Emails for each user that reside on the exchange server. No more having to rush back to the office to turn on Outlook in order to integrate emails into Act!. All emails that reside on Exchange (or Outlook for that matter) can be integrated with the regular sync process.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Area code with leading zeroes were not being properly handled (for European customers).  Fixed.

    • Recurring activities were being continuously synched back from Hosted Exchange servers. Fixed.

September 22nd, 2011: Update V14.0.0.30

  • Installation Instructions

    • Install the software from our web site but after installation, enable Force Overwrite on the next sync so that all the items in Outlook are updated with our new indexing mechanism.

  • Enhancements

    • 123 Sync 2012 can run with Outlook open. In the past it would close Outlook. Now, it attaches to the Outlook process.

  • Bug Fixes

    • When Outlook activities were edited multiple times, they were not being included in the reverse sync. Fixed.

    • Activities were being ignored when only Outlook items were being updated. Fixed.

    • Reverse Sync of recurring activities from Outlook to Act! caused an error. Fixed. When our update checker scanned for Outlook recurring exceptions, an error was being generated and the sync of Activities stopped. It now works well.

September 1st, 2011: Update V14.0.0.19

  • Enhancements:

    • Exchange Public Folders Support: Added the capability so that apart from being able to sync to user exchange folders, 123 Sync 2012 will sync with Exchange Public Folders.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Standalone Exchange Error recovery enhancements. If 123 Sync 2012 encounters corrupt data coming from the Exchange server, the field is ignored and it keeps on working. Some installations had corrupt standard Outlook data and 123 Sync was just stopping. It now ignores the data and keeps working.

    • System Tray Background Manager. Fixed an error on the system tray background manager.

    • Group with Activities Sync ignoring Activity filtering.. Fixed. When activities are selected to sync, the filters are applied.

 August 18th, 2011: New Major Release: 123 Sync 2012:  V14.0.0.8

  • New Release!

    The 123 Sync 2012 is our first product fully developed with a separate Sync Engine that can either run interactively or in the background. Here is a general list of improvements to 123 Sync 2012:

    • Recurring Activities: We have added full support for full sync of Recurring Act! activities with Exchange. You can now create recurring activities on either Outlook and Act! and they are fully synched. In addition we sync recurring individual exceptions of a recurring series:

      • Clearing of individual recurring instances

      • Modification of individual recurring instances

      • Erasing of individual recurring instances

    • The Sync Engine. We have split the sync engine from the primary interface and it is its own executable on the installation folder: 123sync2012svr. There are quite a few advantages with the new architecture:

      • Smaller Size.

      • It can be called from Windows Services, interactively, via batch files, or by just double clicking on the executable. 

    • Multi-User Scheduling from Smartphones. You can now schedule a single meeting from multiple users on Smartphones and it results in a single meeting in Act! (even though the same meeting is duplicated across multiple Outlook/Exchange folders).

    • User Defined Field Text. We have added user-level custom user defined fields that can be added to the text of an Outlook/Exchange contact or activity. So you can have text with fields for any contact field go 1-way from Act! to Outlook/Exchange.

    • Contact Filters. We have re-added the inclusion of the full calendar sync with a group sync. This option unearthed the majority of bugs we saw in the messaging libraries we use and we recoded the whole mechanism. It is now purely dynamite.

    • Merge of Todo's into the Calendar. In the past, Todo's were put into the Task Folder in Outlook. With 2012, by default, Todo's go to the Calendar and ALL activities are synched from the Exchange/Outlook Calendar. We did this to our fellow iPhone users that are solely driven by the calendar.

    • Reverse Creation of Act! Custom Activities Support. You can now create an Calendar item in Outlook/Exchange and by entering the type of activity on the subject line, that activity is created in Act!.

    • Trial Licenses. You need a trial license in order to evaluation 123 Sync 2012. The trial license is a fully functional license of 123 Sync 2012 that expires within 15 days.

    • Server Configuration Only. 123 Sync 2012 only runs in server configuration. There are a couple of implications for this setup:

      • If Outlook is open, 123 Sync 2012 will close it. So you cannot have Outlook open while the server is synchronizing.

      • A minimum purchase of a 3-User server license is required to run 123 Sync 2012

      • You can run it as a client installation for 1 user. However, Outlook cannot be open when the sync engine runs.

    • Speed. In the past, our speed focus was on speed optimization of synching ALL contacts. From what we've seen, the groups sync (and groups with Calendar) is the most used feature in 123 Sync Filters. Hence, we've added optimization techniques that improve sync of groups by a huge factor. For example, what used to take 17 minutes, now takes about 1 or less, depending on how much has to be synched.

    • Reliability.  While testing, we found many bugs with the interface we were using to access Microsoft's Mapi libraries (we now know why everyone else is having such a hard time i.e. duplicates, disappearing items, etc. ). Hence, we have programmed extensively around many heretofore unknown issues.

    • Compatibility. The beta version is compatible with Act! 10 through 14 and all version of Outlook (32-bit) and Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010. The sync index database is not compatible with the current 123 Sync 2011 and for the final release we will have an upgrade program that will upgrade the indexing database.

    Our Internal Test Results

    We have spent the past 2 months testing this software. In the process, we have redesigned it for functionality and enhanced reliability and speed. So what did we find:

    • Speed. We tested in on 18K+ contacts and found the following:

      • It tool 4 hours to create the contacts (1st Sync)

      • By the 5th Sync, it took less than 2 minutes to sync 18K+ contacts.

      • Groups Filters. First sync was slow. Consequent syncs were below 60 seconds (not kidding!).

    • Reliability. 123 Sync 2012 is unbelievable reliable. Not once have we managed in the past week duplicate a contact/calendar item, or miss contacts/calendar to be synched or updated.

August 20th, 2011: Update

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue when scheduling multiple Act! Users from Smartphones to a single calendar item. It used to create a calendar item for each user. It now creates a single item and adds the users as participants of the meeting.
    • Fixed an issue related to Microsoft's Messaging libraries not saving created items when they should. Fixed. Everything now gets saved appropriately.

May 11th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.37

  • Enhancements:

    • Copy Settings from 1 Main User to all the users (Server Only): You can setup a main user and then copy this user's settings to selected users in the database. Great for large, multi-user databases.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Windows Service Component Fix: Fixed an issue on the 123 Sync Windows Service when it ran at intervals too close. The exit routines were not exiting properly and the service hung. It works great now!


April 28th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.35

  • Enhancements:

    • Quick Sync Options buttons: Added the quick options buttons for the User sync options so that a user can simply click on a button and set/reset the directions of synchronization.

    • Support for alpha phone numbers. We added the support of alphabetic characters on the phone number. A phone number now can have any type of characters possible.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • We revamped the phone number management system: a few issues cropped up with our phone number sync management that we had to revamp it. Tested on a wide variety of platforms and different phone number representations and it works great!


April 14th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.30

  • Enhancements:

    • Custom users: Added the capability of Avatars to custom users so you can add 123 Custom Users that will login as a user but sync as another. Hence, you can even sync Inactive users.

    • Alarm Filters. Added the capability to filter alarms so that only alarms that are before a particular data are synched. The benefit of this enhancement is that old alarms are then ignored.

    • Custom User Creation. Improved the capability of custom user creation/deletion within 123 Sync.

March 24th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.25

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Contact Folder Selection: When selecting a contact folder on an incorrect exchange settings, the contact folder could not be reset. It can now.

    • Index File Fix. In a few installations, the indexing reported an error due to a large named being saved for indexing. Fixed.

    • Windows Service Fix. The Windows Service was not firing at regular intervals on Exchange 2003 with Windows Server 2003. Fixed. It now works fine.

    • Multiple Scheduling from independent users to the same Act! Activity. In some installations we have multiple iPhones scheduling the same Meeting. The result was the creation of duplicates in Act! and in Outlook. Fixed. No duplicates created. (Server implementations are just a beauty!).

    • Country Code reset when re-installing 123 Sync. By default, when re-installing 123 Sync, the country code was being set to 1. This was causing problems in countries with a different country code. Now, the country code is maintained to whatever the previous setting was.

March 4th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.20

  • Enhancements:

    • Group Sync: Performance enhancements have been done to the Group Sync. In some of our test cases, we've seen performance improve by a factor of 40x.

February 28th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.19

  • Enhancements/Bugs fixed:

    • Group Sync Fix: a bug was introduced where every contact in a group sync would transfer all the activities related to that contact, including activities not belonging to the user being logged in. Fixed.

February 15th, 2011: Update V13.8.1.18

Release is primarily a release to fix issues with the Server component of 123 Sync. Since the last release, we have been re-enforcing 123 Sync when running it as a server and different exchange configurations.

  • Who should install this version: Anyone running 123 Sync as a server.

  • Enhancements/Bugs fixed:

    • Windows Service Management Fixes: Fixed a variety of sync issues that caused the windows service to stop or not run as indicated. In addition, added better shutdown procedures to the service.

    • Fixed issues when synchronizing large quantities of activities from Outlook to Act!. As our product offerings grow and the configurations they support expand, activity scheduling has become more complex and 123 Sync supports multi-platform activity scheduling.

    • Group Sync. Group sync has been simplified where you can only sync a specific group to Outlook. This adds reliability and simplicity.

    • Outlook to Act! Fixes. Certain sync actions from Outlook to Act! were disabled on the Windows Service. Fixed. All items now sync fine.

    • Body Text Creation on Windows Service. The Contact Body Text on the Windows Service of 123 Sync now is created properly.

December 29th, 2010: Update V13.7.0.22

  • Who should install this version: Anyone running the Windows Services Component of 123 Sync.

  • Windows Service Management Enhancements: Added interface to activate debugging information to the Windows Service component of 123 Sync 2011.

  • Enhancements/Bugs fixed:

    • User Defined Number Fields in Outlook not being synched. With Outlook 2010 32-bit, a more stringent type checking is enabled and we had to modify 123 Sync 2011 to abide to those rules. The previous result was that any user defined property (of type number) in Outlook coming from Act! would result in an empty field in Outlook. Fixed. Number fields can be synched both ways between Act! and Outlook 2003 and above.

    • Modifications to MyRecord not being synched back from Outlook (Only on with V13.x of Act! that we know...). Fixed. Any modification made to the MyRecord item in Outlook sync back to Act!

December 7th, 2010: Update V13.7.0.19

  • Who should install this version: Anyone running the Windows Services Component of 123 Sync.

  • Windows Service improvements with better logging and error reporting.

  • Enhanced the Services manager with better log viewing.

  • Enhancements/Bugs fixed:

    • RTF parsing improvements for Windows Services. . The Windows Services component was hanging up due to parsing issues with Microsoft's Framework. Fixed.

    • Enhanced 1st time sync with Calendar with duplicate reduction strategies.

November 30, 2010: Update V13.7.0.14

  • Windows Service improvement with better logging (only for Server Configurations).

  • Support for Act! build 13.1.

  • Speed improvement on History processing for Body Text. If you use history filtering, you can improve the history processing by a factor of 5X or more. In one test case, it brought the sync down from 11 minutes to 2.

  • Due to requests from our resellers, we have added a 3-User server license.

  • Expanded version for Windows Service Support. You can now run 123 Sync 2012 as a Windows Service from Act! 2008 through 2011.

  • Enhancements/Bugs fixed:

    • Body Text Formatting. As an enhancement, we added HTML formatting to the body text in Outlook i.e. bold, underline, etc.. Unfortunately, when this data is transferred to the iPhones connected to an Exchange server and back, the formatting turns into a single line. Hence, formatting now is done with Text only.

    • Alarms and Activities in Outlook. By default, Outlook activities are created with a 1-minute alarm. This, unfortunately, causes problems with smartphone. Hence, by default, 123 Sync now creates all Outlook activities with alarms disabled unless indicated to sync alarms (in the activities settings).

November 18, 2010: Update V13.7.0.10

  • Improvements:
    • Added improved messaging from the Windows Service process. Awesome!
    • Rewrote the history/notes creation mechanism for speed and reliability.
  • Bug Fixes
    • 192 bug. On some installations, 123 Sync was adding the 192 as the country code. That has been fixed. Also, if you are having the same problem and 123 Sync did an update from Outlook to Act!, you may need to fix your Act! database. For instructions, view the following YouTube Video.
    • Ignore Convert Alarms was not ignoring all alarms. Fixed. If the Convert Alarms is unchecked, all alarm settings for calendar and tasks is ignored in BOTH Outlook and in Act!.
    • Phone Extension being added to the Act! Phone number. Fixed.
    • Windows Service not starting. On new installations, the windows service was not starting. Fixed.
  • Summary of V13.7.0.9: This is a landmark version of 123 Sync, stable, full featured and with Server capabilities unmatched by any other product. Current users of this version are over 10 sites with 15 User configurations or more. Windows Service capability enables 123 Sync to run fast. Bugs in Act! phone number routines have caused havoc with 123 Sync to such an extent that we had to rewrite our phone number routines. In addition, 


November 10, 2010: Update V13.7.0.4

  • Enhancements
    • Added support of Windows Services for Server Configurations. You can now run our windows services process in the background. Once setup, you can sync in the background with full Windows Services support
    • Added the capability of running 123 Sync without Outlook. You can now run 123 Sync without having Outlook installed on the machine. Just install the CDO/Mapi libraries from Microsoft and everything then runs great, including connecting to Exchange.
    • Fixed and enhanced Country Code management. Act! has a bug on the country code management and if you change country codes frequently, our fix will make it easier for you.
    • Clearing of Tasks. When a task is cleared, it is also marked as completed.
    • Exchange Compatibility. We tested running 123 Sync on Exchange 2003 and 2007 without Outlook installed and it worked great!!!!!

October 15, 2010: Update V13.6.0.0

  • Enhancements
    • Added 3 methodologies to schedule calendar/tasks to individual contacts from Outlook or from any Smartphone. We added the capability so that users can schedule calendar events from Outlook/Exchange/Smartphone to any contact in the database by using the recipients, links or embedded text in the Calendar details. Now, you can schedule any calendar event to any contact in your database right from your Blackberry, iPhone or whatever smartphone.
    • Strengthened the synching of Recurring Events from Outlook to Act!. We found that some recurring events coming from Outlook are incompatible with the Act! recurring events mechanism. We added additional checks to these events so that synching will go well. If you schedule a lot of recurring events from Outlook to Act!, you must install 13.6
  • Issues Fixed
    • Clearing of Calendar Events by simply adding text (Cleared) to subject line fixed. This option was disabled with V13.5 and it has now been restituted..

September 14, 2010: Update V13.5.0.24 -

  • Enhancements
    • Enhanced Outlook Body Text display. We enhanced the way text is displayed in Outlook to Arial 10 with all the major text heanding bolded. Very cool! Much easier to read!
    • Outlook HTML code enhancements. Now, when data comes to the Outlook body text, all HTML links are available for clicking.
    • Activities Subject Line Enhancements. When an activity is scheduled with Multiple Contacts, all the contacts names are entered on the activity subject line.
    • Activities Contact Details Enhancements. The contacts details for all users are listed for activities scheduled with multiple users so that you can see everyone that is scheduled for the meeting.
    • Time Zone Enhancements: Added options to set time zone offsets when synchronizing with Act! or Exchange databases that reside in a different timezone. The update mechanism was being affected when servers were at a different timezone from the location from where sync was being performed. Now, no matter where your database resides, your sync will always work.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Contact Sync Time was being reset when modifications were made to user settings. The sync times are now properly kept.
    • Update Enhancements in Exchange. Extra checking has been added when updating contacts from Outlook so that only actual updates are used.
    • Act! 9.x Fix. When synchronizing Act! 9.x databases, all the contacts were not being retrieved due to an bug in Act!'s sdk. A workaround has been created and it now works fine.
    • Tasks not coming over. In some installations, the tasks were not coming over due to an issue with our indexing mechanism. Fixed
    • Reopening of folders not working on Large Exchange installations. On large installations, when running 123 Sync and the folders were being reopened to check for deleted items, the reopen process failed with an error causing the software to skip the checking for deletion. Fixed.

August 30th, 2010: Minor Release V13.5.0.10 - NEW!!!!

V13.5 is a minor release that requires users to re-select the database and redo all the settings for 123 Sync. Too many modifications were made to the indexing databases that it is better to start fresh with a new set of settings. This is one of the most exciting releases we've had this year (other than V13). The software now syncs at about 50x faster on subsequent syncs with more reliability and functionality.

  • Enhancements
    • Speed increases over 50x faster on consequent syncs. Yes, using some AI techniques, we've managed to reduce the time it takes to do a sync by a multiple factors. In some cases, the software runs 100x faster than it used to after the 5th to 6th sync.
    • Enhanced and Faster Group Sync
    • Trip Switches: In case Outlook/Exchange fails, 123 Sync trips and will not make any removal of items.
    • Multi-User Linking for Outlook Calendar/Tasks. Full support for multi-user linking and synchronization between Act! and Outlook/Exchange.
    • Multi-User Subject and Contact Generation. When activities are scheduled with multiple contacts, all the contact names are listed on the subject line of the activity. In addition, all the contacts details are listed on the body text of the activities.
    • And many more enhancements.

July 23th, 2010: Update V13.2.0.15

  • Enhancements
    • Changed the creation of phone numbers in the activities subject line and body to also have the formatting that is default for the contacts.
    • Added extra logic for Exchange installations so that synching of Activities goes faster.
  • Issues Fixed
    • When 123 Sync was called in the background, it executed even if a sync was already in progress. On certain configurations, you could have 2 or more background syncs going at the same time. Although not much happened to the sync, a large number of errors were being generated. This has now been fixed.

July 8th, 2010: Update V13.2.0.11

  • Enhancements
    • Added support for Act! 2011
    • Added timing information to the processing log
  • Issues Fixed
    • Depending on the settings of the tasks sync, calendar items would not be removed in Act! when removed in Outlook. All is now fixed.

June 14th, 2010: Update V13.2.0.8

  • Issues Fixed For Exchange Server Configuration ONLY
    • On Exchange configurations where 123 Sync accesses Exchange via the Exchange Connector (not the Outlook Profile), an issue arose that new Exchange items were not being brought over to Act!. For examples, new Exchange calendars were not being brought over to Act!. This has now been fixed. This issue does not arise if you are running using Outlook profiles or the client version of 123 Sync.

June 14th, 2010: Update V13.2.0.7

  • Enhancements (MAJOR) - If installed from any previous releases, you will need to redo your settings. The license for 2011 will be ok, but your settings have to be reselected/redone.
    • Multi-Dominant synchronization implemented. You can now individually specify for Contacts, Calendar and Tasks which database is dominant. For example, you can specify that Act! is dominant for Contacts sync while Outlook is dominant for Calendar and Tasks.
    • Added the option of not updating Outlook. We have seen in some installations that users just do not want ANY updates to go from Act! to Outlook. Well, you can now implement that with another option in the synchronization settings.  
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue with Client installations where the Username and the login names were different. The login was failing when synchronizing. It is now fixed. This was not an issue with the server installations.
    • Fixed server issue where the software would not allow users to uncheck users from the server configuration.
    • Outlook Tasks, when created from Outlook to Act! were being created in Act! 1-day off. This was due an Act! bug and it is now fixed.

May 18th, 2010: Update V13.1.0.5

  • Enhancements (MAJOR) - If installed from any previous releases, you will need to redo your settings. The license for 2011 will be ok, but your settings have to be reselected/redone.
    • When running in Windows, you no longer need Outlook to connect with Exchange Mailboxes (Server Configuration Only). As long as you have Exchange configured locally and CDO/Mapi installed and configured, just selecting the mailbox Username and Servername will connect you with the Exchange mailbox.
    • For Client (Single User Configuration), you still need Outlook as your transport.
    • Outlook client, Exchange CDO/Mapi Client and Exchange Native are supported transparently via a drop-down option. As long as CDO/Mapi is configured on the server, our software will work. Outlook multi-folder support is still available.
    • Each user in the Server Availability list can either be configured as an Outlook Client or as an Exchange-Direct user.
    • Client user focus added so that if you are running 123 Sync as a single client, you do not see all the other users listed on your selection. This option only becomes active once the client license is activated.
  • Issues Fixed
    • Monthly Recurring events with the parameters day, weekday or weekend day were not being brought over from Outlook to Act! properly. Fixed.
    • A glitch appeared on the improvements of single user access to Act! where the software would loose the settings for the user. Fixed.
    • On Exchange and on local .pst files, when overwriting an existing contact, in some instances, a Save error would be generated. Fixed.
    • Private flag was not being transferred from Outlook to Act! when set. Fixed.
  • Other
    • We have been performing extensive test on Exchange (first with Exchange 2003 and then with Exchange 2007) with stunning results. We have even configured a client machine with CDO/Mapi and the software synchronizes great with any of the configurations with tried.


May 5th, 2010: Update V13.0.0.12

  • Issues Fixed
    • The new Addresses feature was not saving the remap properly. It now saves and works well.
    • MailingAddress map was overwriting the mailing address fields in Outlook causing unexpected results on the Outlook form, in some cases, having the Outlook form overwrite/remove the address when edited in Outlook. This feature has been removed and the address feature works well now.
    • When ID/Status was mapped to Categories, it updated Act! constantly. Fixed.


April 15th, 2010: Update V13.0.0.5

  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue with the new release's background scheduler not starting properly. It now works.

April 9th, 2010: Update V13.0.0.4

If you do not have V13.0.0.4, you should download it now from our web site.

New release with lots of server functionality enhancements and enhanced client group sync.