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Purchase 123 Sync

Note: 1-User Client licenses cannot be converted or added to server licenses.

You can purchase installation from us separately from the license. With the installation, 123 Sync will setup and configure your users on your installation.

This Web Page has been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and all the purchase buttons work. If any purchase button does not work on your system, try a different browser. If you still have problems, contact us and we'll send you a direct purchase link.


123 Sync for Act! and Outlook/Exchange

Product 1-Year License Non-Expiring License**  
123 Sync: 1-User $95.00


123 Sync: 5-User $475.00


123 Sync: 10-User $950.00


123 Sync: 15-User $1425.00


123 Sync: 25-User $2375.00

Check or Money Order. Contact us for instructions.
Larger than 25User servers: please contact us for pricing and payment information on larger servers. 
**: 1-Time Licenses do not expire, Current Version Only. This is the same licensing mechanism as Act!. You must purchase upgrades when moving to a more recent version of 123 Sync. Upgrades are 30% off list price. Licenses older than 2 years do not qualify for upgrade discount or reactivation.
NOTE: if you add users to an existing installation, the expiration date of the installation is the site's expiration date. So make sure you purchase the maximum number of users you will require for the whole year.
123 Connect for Act! and Outlook  

123 Connect licensing:

  • 123 Connect is licensed by number of Activations.
  • Each Activation is valid for 1 year.
  • The beginning datestamp of a 123 Connect Activation starts when the product is activated on the system..
  • You will need 1 activation license for each user.
  • Only when the unlock code is generated does 123 Connect start the 1-Year license timeframe.
Purchase 123 Connect $65.00

** 1-Time Licenses:

  • 1-Time licenses do not expire.
  • 1-Time licenses are specific to the version of Act!. They may not work on future upgrades of Act!.
  • 1-Time licenses can be upgraded at 30% discount off the list price.
  • 1-Time licenses are specific to 1 computer only. They can not be used on other computers.
  • 1-Time licenses can only be reactivated 3 times (in case the computer crashes).
  • 1-Time licenses cannot be activated 2 years after purchase.